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    Isabelle loves telling stories, and her career has always included storytelling elements. She likes to say that she “turns the prisoners of people’s lives into playful actors”. As a transformational coach, she loves the thrill of inviting people into a compelling story, using metaphors that inspire, and people have come to see her as both a perspective-opener and as a business enabler.

    Over the years, telling stories has become Isabelle’s “thing, ” enabling her to merge personal and professional growth together, blending them seamlessly, just as we might combine egg yolk and oil to create a deliciously rich mayonnaise. This simple yet powerful process enables her clients to experience profoundly fulfilling and satisfying lives.

    Driven by an unshakeable vision for a more resilient world, Isabelle has worked with several leading Swiss insurance companies. Due to a rather spectacular “aha” moment in 2015, Isabelle suddenly saw, with astonishing clarity, exactly what she was meant to be doing. It hit her like a lightning bolt, and as a direct result, she chose to combine her technical expertise with Leadership Coaching to inspire and empower others so that their projects would flourish and the people themselves would thrive.

    Isabelle’s holistic coaching combines the intelligence of heart, body and mind to create deep alignment and lasting transformation. When we can identify our goals with unprecedented clarity, we can effortlessly take action with unparalleled effectiveness. Isabelle is committed to putting all her experience, expertise and enthusiasm to the service of the projects she becomes involved in. And because goals are nothing more than an opportunity to align ourselves with who we are at our deepest level, professional development naturally dovetails and aligns with personal development along the way. As a mother, Isabelle is proud of her three grown-up children, each of whom is now doing something they love. She currently lives in Bern with her partner, and from there, she works with individuals and corporates, both being unique “bodies” – just of different sizes.

    If you are interested, you can find some of Isabelle’s inspiring stories on Spotify: The Chronicles of Paul & Pablo | Podcast on Spotify. From a place of ease and experience, Isabelle is now co-creating a Retreat for Entrepreneurs. This is designed for entrepreneurs who are either still working or have recently retired but still want to make a positive impact in some way. Other entrepreneurs who benefit are those with a start-up out in the world or a dream inside their heart, as this powerful retreat also offers exciting opportunities to design an inclusive, creative community.

    Feel free to contact her if you or your business have a big dream you want to create (or a nagging fear you wish to extinguish once and for all).

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