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    Liv Brunet was born in Rouen in 1960. After studying for a degree in business, and years of apprenticeship in the technical film industry, he embarked on a career as an independent video maker and fiction and documentary director, with the ambition of trying to change the world and find the meaning of life. Along the way, his passion for philosophy, history, sociology and spirituality, which he shares in film after film, leads him to a stunning discovery: the only place to change the world is in the intimacy of one's own interiority.
    Begun in 2018 by his encounter with the Three Principles and non-dual traditions, his reconversion to guidance, self-transformation and life coaching culminated in the creation of his podcast "Le réveil en douce" in September 2022. He joined the French-speaking 3 Principles community and trained with guides Rohini & Angus Ross to officially become a Rewilder Guide in spring 2023. He now divides his time between his work as a video artist, creating large-scale immersive multi-screen installations for institutions and museums in Europe and around the world, and his guiding practice.

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