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    Monika is a transformational psychotherapist, a facilitator, and a guide. She was born in Poland, spent most of her life thus far in New York City, and has shifted to live closer to nature in upstate NY with her human and newly acquired furry family. She loves trees, animals, humans, travel, seeing truth from various perspectives, and honouring the divine in all that is. She loves seeing others thrive and has dedicated her life to giving a guiding hand to those ready to move out of surviving into thriving who have temporarily forgotten who they are.

    To maximise the therapeutic process for herself and others, her work is based on an integrative wellness approach of modalities such as EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, elements of mindfulness, cognitive behavioural, existential, play, psychodynamic, and psycho-drama/art therapies.

    Empowering others has always been her passion, mission, calling and a source of joy. To make it fully official, she became a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor in New York State. She has a Master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Clinical Psychology and another Master’s degree from Mercy College in Counselling Psychology. She now has over 20 years of field experience.

    In addition to the psycho-therapeutic modalities, she trained in unconventional methods such as regression therapy, Divine Soul Transformation, Quantum Healing, Akashic Records Healing, the Silva Method, the Mallison Method, and the Internal Voice Facilitator Training.

    To fully move others into thriving, she employs Sydney Banks’ Three Principles, Law of Attraction, Integral Psychology, Science of Mind, Spiral Dynamics, Human Design, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and channelled wisdom of teachers such as Sara Landon, Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Law of One. After reminding clients about who they are and how they can utilise the tools of creation, she shifts their focus to within as she guides them to follow their own infinite intelligence to begin creating all they truly are from a broader perspective. Her recent collaboration with SOULearning is bringing her immense joy and appreciation.

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