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This Retreat for Entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, either working or retired, is aimed at bringing together our passions, visions and resources.

Instant d’Absolu Ecolodge & Spa, a beautiful lodge on the shores of a mountain lake in the Auvergne (France), offers you peace and harmony.

In such a place of anchorage you can deepen your grounding and well-being, experience the flow in the unknown and access your creativity effortlessly to navigate life successfully. You will identify your goals with unprecedented clarity and take action with unparalleled effectiveness.

Instants d’Absolu Ecolodge & Spa, Le Lac du Pêcher
Instants d’Absolu Ecolodge & Spa, Le Lac du Pêcher
Instants d’Absolu Ecolodge & Spa, Le Lac du Pêcher

Are you feeling insecure about the constant changes taking place in an increasingly complex world?
Would you love changing things but you don’t know where to start?
Are you stuck and making a decision feels like a headache?

If you want more clarity to, detect opportunities and make decisions with more ease. If you want more creativity to find innovative strategies, this Immersion is for you.

We’re here to help you let go of everything that’s holding you back. Our approach is both liberating and transformative.

Your Benefits:

· A level of energy, vitality and enthusiasm that turns obstacles into springboards
· Unshakeable confidence in your ability to bounce back
· New connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Since this immersive experience has been created for French-speaking people, the dedicated website is available in French only. However, Google Chrome offers to translate any website, automatically.