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Mindful activities to nourish the Self and expand consciousness through Mind, Body and Heart.

Welcome to SOULClubs! SOULClubs are mindful activities to nourish the Self and expand consciousness through Mind, Body and Heart. Just like when we plan our holiday, we first get to dream of our dream destination, our heart is engaged and gives the direction. We then follow our route, our universal mind is at work and gives us the SOULution. Eventually, we are on route to our destination. Our body moves and allows us to fulfil our projects.

Your success is our success. Let’s Grow, Flow and Glow!


Step onto the path of self-discovery’s grace, where growth and empowerment find their space.  Enhance your well-being, and find peace within as clarity of mind and SOUL begin. Expand your Self-Knowledge, and let wisdom ignite. Unlock your full potential, let it soar, embrace innovation and collaboration and more. As you learn, contemplate and create your world.

SOULearning brings clarity through knowledge and lightness through understanding. When clarity of mind dissipates our doubts we feel empowered and want to throw ourselves in purposeful activities that nourish us.

Our essence expresses itself through the prism of colours within each SOULClub.

SOULearning aims at transforming all obstacles into fuel for expansion.

As you join the community we look forward to co- create with you and build together the healthy society that springs from this fertile ground.

Our facilitators are all grounded and certified BTCYW and/or are 3PGC facilitators or equivalent to ensure the best quality of services in an environment designed for people to flourish. We welcome partnerships with like heart/mind organisations and individuals to provide training and create products that are of service to us all. We thrive more not in competition but in togetherness and collaboration. Your strengths complement ours.

Our participants are SOULMembers.

For more informations on our membership plans and enrolment, click here.

For more informations on the  a la carte , ‘Be The Change You Want” course and enrolment, click here.