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and Collaborate with us.

“It’s just Love and understanding.”

– Sydney Banks –

SOULearning invites individuals to awaken to their full, innate potential so they can improve their psychological fitness, navigate life with ease, feel better and do better in all life settings in the respect of self, others and the environment at large.

Awakening to our innate health and potential is a prerequisite to becoming a SOULCoach and to delivering the Immersion for Entrepreneurs programmes, consult to organisations or other specific modules offered by SOULearning.

We need to rely on consistency not to lose the SOUL of SOULearning and that is why the Be The Change You Want certification is a prerequisite for people who want to become SOULCoaches.
To become a SOULCoach, individuals are free to choose the BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT COURSE with or without the Membership Plans 2 or 3.

3PGC practitioners & apprentices do have the required SOUL knowledge to be a SOULCoach and can contact us directly would they wish to join our community, co-create and collaborate.

Our team of SOULCoaches are educators, and healers helping others to awaken to their purpose or true calling in life. They share through insight-based conversation how the mind works, and how individuals create for themselves every experience they have through the gift of thought and consciousness in the moment.

Once you become a SOULCoach, you have an option to become a SOULConsulant. SOULConsultants are SOULCoaches working in “think tanks” to help global structures in challenging environments during restructuring, change of the corporate culture, building organisation from inside-out and providing a fertile ground for everyone to flourish.  As a SOULConsultant you leverage the SOULearning approach to create an environment, which is conducive to a growth mindset, embodies the change it wishes to see in the world and acts from the knowing that all life is interconnected, thus creates for the benefit of all. (Pillar 1, 2 & 3)

To Join the community with a membership plan click  here.

To register without a membership plan click here.

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This online exploratory training course offers individuals a journey from personal well-being to professional success, emphasising the integration of both aspects for a balanced life. It challenges the notion of having to choose between personal and professional fulfilment, likening it to the ingredients of mayonnaise – both are essential for a satisfying life. The course aims to cultivate happiness through the “B-attitude for Bliss” or Beatitude, focusing on aligning personal well-being with professional success for a holistic approach to life. Currently available in French and English, the training provides a pathway to certification.