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Everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Amplify your presence and find your coach today.

“There is one Universal Mind common to all, and wherever you are it is with you always. There is no end or limitation, nor are there boundaries.”

– Sydney Banks –


Liv Brunet is a videographer, documentary filmmaker and musician. Fascinated by philosophy, sociology and spirituality, his discovery of the Three Principles in 2018 changed the course of his career and directed him towards life coaching. His podcast "Le réveil en douce" created in 2022 bears witness to this metamorphosis and he officially became a Rewilder Guide in spring 2023.
Monika, a transformational guide and psychotherapist, empowers individuals to move from surviving to thriving, reminding them of their true selves. Her integrative wellness approach blends various modalities, and she holds a license as a Mental Health Counsellor. With 20 years of experience, Monika employs unconventional and spiritual methods for holistic healing.
New York
As a transformational coach and storyteller – Isabelle turns people’s lives into compelling narratives. With a blend of personal and professional growth, she empowers her clients for deeply fulfilling lives. Her holistic coaching aligns heart, body, and mind, resulting in lasting transformation. She is dedicated to positively impacting and co-creating programmes for entrepreneurs.
French and English-speaking transformational coach – Estelle’s journey has been one of passion, exploration and self-discovery. Her love for life, sports, and travel shapes it, leading her to empower others holistically. Through transformative coaching and the Three Principles insights, she helps individuals discover their inner strength, purpose, and joy.

Our team of SOULCoaches and SOULConsultants are educators, and healers helping others to awaken to their purpose or true calling in life. They share through insight-based conversation how the mind works, and how individuals create for themselves every experience they have through the gift of thought and consciousness in the moment.

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When I first met Monika, I hadn’t yet known the impact she’d have on my life. Now after knowing her and working with her, what has made our process so beautiful is that Monika shows up with pure, aligned authenticity and compassion every time. She is a skilled and talented facilitator who demonstrates a commitment to growth and ultimate truth without judgment. She models wholeness from a client-centred approach, and she radiates from the heart. In our work together, she has helped me transform what I perceived to be limiting obstacles into limitless opportunities. She has guided me to release dysfunctional patterns, beliefs, and systems that do not serve me, and has inspired in me my own permission to love myself. Her blossoms of wisdom have transformed the way I wake up in the morning – what a blessing.

Z.H. | USA