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Estelle Rousseau, Isabelle Caratti and Monika Burra.

“After an exhalation, during stillness before inhalation, there is calmness.”

– Patanjali –


About ESTELLE ROUSSEAU_ Community_Soulearning


French and English-speaking transformational coach – Estelle’s journey has been one of passion, exploration and self-discovery. Her love for life, sports, and travel shapes it, leading her to empower others holistically. Through transformative coaching and the Three Principles insights, she helps individuals discover their inner strength, purpose, and joy.

About ISABELLE CARATTI_ Community_Soulearning


As a transformational coach and storyteller – Isabelle turns people’s lives into compelling narratives. With a blend of personal and professional growth, she empowers her clients for deeply fulfilling lives. Her holistic coaching aligns heart, body, and mind, resulting in lasting transformation. She is dedicated to positively impacting and co-creating programmes for entrepreneurs.

About MONIKA BURRA_ Community_Soulearning


Monika, a transformational guide and psychotherapist, empowers individuals to move from surviving to thriving, reminding them of their true selves. Her integrative wellness approach blends various modalities, and she holds a license as a Mental Health Counsellor. With 20 years of experience, Monika employs unconventional and spiritual methods for holistic healing.


What if change didn’t have to be stressful and a sense of innate resilience was always available? What if you could have a completely different relationship with worry, anxiety, depression and any other form of mental stress, no matter how mild or intense?

​Not only is it possible, but it’s actually a living reality for so many of us, and we want you to know that you are only one thought away from it, no matter where you are.

About us – SOULearning aims to provide a solid ground for you to rely on. When it comes to mental health and personal and professional development, both on individual and collective levels, the only “ground that can be solid” is axiomatic truths or principles about how our experience of life is created.

In other words, it’s necessary to begin at the beginning – the most fundamental level of our cognition from which everything unfolds. This is why we share the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, as discovered by Sydney Banks.

Banks’ principles profoundly impacted the practice of psychology and psychiatry within a growing community of professionals in therapy, education, community rehabilitation, and so much more.

As modern practitioners of the Three Principles, we leverage this understanding for organizational change, boosting productivity, creativity, decision-making and innovation.