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Javea | Spain

Meet Estelle Rousseau, a French and English-speaking transformational coach, Three Principles facilitator, sports educator, and co-founder of SOULearning

Her journey has been one of passion, exploration and self-discovery, shaped by a love for life, travel, adventures and new experiences.

As a coach, Estelle’s mission is to help individuals like you find their inner strength, purpose and joy.

This revelation ignited a deep desire to empower others holistically, helping them conquer anxiety, stress, grief, decision-making paralysis, and other well-being and mental health challenges.

Just like life’s adventures have shaped Estelle’s journey, SOULearning is about embracing the uncertainties and challenges that come our way. That being said, there is nothing you need to believe in nor a technique to practise. 

Estelle believes that each of us possesses untapped inner strength waiting to be unleashed. Her method is, therefore, boiling things down to fundamental axiomatic truths about mental health that do not need to be believed in. They are just genuine and stand on their own.

With her transformative coaching and the profound insights of the Three Principles understanding, she guides you to create a life of purpose and fulfilment.

At SOULearning, the approach is not just about the mind—it’s about nurturing the body and soul, too. Estelle’s holistic coaching helps you achieve a harmonious balance in all aspects of life, awakening your true potential.

Ready to rewrite your story? A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Take one today, and book a call with Estelle.