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Transmit the Spark

Empowerment through Understanding

These last 3 modules are specifically designed for those who want to pass on this understanding and are looking for certification (delivered at the end of the 8th module).

You may already have a number of ‘tools’ (NLP, positive thinking, etc.) for straightening situations, just as a blacksmith has a hammer for straightening pieces of metal. All the tools work once the problem has arisen, once the metal bar has been twisted, and the results obtained maybe effortful and unsustainable, just because the impact is limited by the ‘malleability’ of people and situations. Old patterns may end up resurfacing and sometimes the initial problem is transferred to another object (a smoker may transfer his addiction to another one such as drinking).

What if we could dissolve problems at their source rather than trying to solve them downstream? What if you could dismantle the mechanism of addiction, regardless of its object?

These last 3 modules will make you realise that straightening out situations by force, like the blacksmith straightening out the iron bar, is not the only option: you can dip the metal in the forge so that it regains all its malleability.
When our understanding of the mechanisms at play (our perception of reality and the role of our emotions) is solid, we can help our clients make the radical changes they no longer dared to dream of.

By the end of this 8-module course, you will have discovered the source of problems, emotions and innovative ideas, and you will have gained perspective and confidence. Your emotions no longer frighten you, and you no longer rush to the first technique that comes to mind just to avoid a feeling of discomfort and get the feeling of being in control of the situation. You are present, listening to your customers. Your field of action is widening and nothing is holding you back any more.

Structure of the programme:
16 hours per monthly module, that is: 4 sessions of 90 minutes each over 1 month – one session weekly – and one weekend with 5 hours a day,


The 3 modules are carefully crafted to blend theory with hands-on practice, ensuring you develop both the skills and the confidence you need to be a SOULCoach.


Investment Per Module

777/One Module


Save 333€ | Module Bundle

1.998/All 3 Modules


Details and Dates to Be Defined – Stay tuned for more information about our programme dates. In the meantime, prepare for an incredible journey ahead. We can’t wait to share all the details with you soon!


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